Welcome to Rancho Sahuarita

Rancho Sahuarita

Utility Services for Rancho Sahuarita:

If you are moving into Rancho Sahuarita, below you will see the contact information you need to start your services.

For the following services:
  • High Speed Internet - through most major providers
  • Cell phone service - through most major providers
  • Satellite - TV through both major providers
  • Home Security - through major providers
  • Home Telephone (traditional, digital, and video)
  • 24x7 computer support
You can visit HomeServices2u.com

For all other services, you can use the contact information below:
Service Provider Phone Number Service Provided
Sahuarita Water Company(520) 399-1105Water
Waste Management(520) 744-2600Trash pickup option
Saguaro(520) 745-8820Trash pickup option
Tucson Electric Power520) 623-7711Electricity
Southwest Gas(877) 860-6020Natural Gas

If you have any questions, you may contact John Backer @ 520-302-5397 or John@JohnBacker.com
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